Antigonish Arena Staff

Manager      Bud MacInnis     2nd Class Power Engineering Certification
                                               Maritime Arena Operations Certification Level 2
                                               Beverage Service Management Certificate
                                               Arena experience since 1995
                                               Past President RFANS ( Recreation Facility Ass. of N.S.)
                                               ORFA Basic Arena Refrigeration Certificate

Operator     Dana Myette     2nd Class Power Engineering Certification 
                                             Arena experience since 2010
                                             Skate Sharpening Wednesday thru Sunday 4:00 to closing
                                             ORFA Basic Arena Refrigeration Certificate
                                             ORFA Ice Making and Painting Technologies Certificate

Operator    Colin Trenholm    2nd Class Power Engineering Certification
                                              Arena experience since 2015
                                              3rd Class Power Engineer

Operator     Graham Fillmore     Arena experience since 2016
                                                   ORFA Basic Arena Refrigeration Certificate

Attendant    Innis MacDonald    Arena experience since 2011

Attendant    Sam Gorman         Arena experience since 2017

Attendant     Mitchel Bowman    Arena experience since 2014

Bar Manager          Leah Chisholm    Arena experience since 2008
                               Robyn MacInnis   Arena experience since 2015

Canteen Manager  Haley MacInnis    Arena experience since 2014

Security Manager   Willie DeYoung   Arena experience since 1983