16th Annual Gentlemens
Hockey/Golf Tournament

Hosted by the Antigonish Arena and the Antigonish Golf and Country Club

May 31 - June 2 , 2019
Tournament will take place the first weekend of June each year

Friday May 31st , all teams play hockey and Pizza party at the Arena .

Saturday June 1st , 2nd Hockey game in the morning , Golf in the afternoon with a barbeque at the Golf Club Saturday afternoon

Sunday June 2nd , 3rd Hockey game with a Championship Game
for the top 2 teams at 1:30 pm on Sunday afternoon

                            Team Entry $ 980.00
Includes 3 hockey games and 9 holes of Golf
Pizza Friday night and Barbeque Saturday night
Note : First 9 holes , 8 golfers score is included in the standings

For more information call Bud at 902-863-1469 or e-mail

Teams in 2019 tournament :
Purl Brook - Jody MacDonald
Heatherton - Tim Teasdale
Amherst Highland Market Meat Men - Tony Wood
Truro Harris Homehardware - Matt Black

2019 Schedule

Friday May 31 ( Hockey )
8:00 pm       Truro vs Heatherton
9:15 pm       Purl Brook vs Amherst

Saturday June 1 ( Hockey )
9:30 am       Purl Brook vs Truro
10:45 am     Heatherton vs Amherst

Saturday June 1 ( Golf )
12:40 pm     Truro vs Amherst
1:20 pm       Heatherton vs Purl Brook

Sunday June 2 ( Hockey )
11:00 am      Truro vs Amherst
12:15 am      Purl Brook vs Heatherton
1:30 pm       Championship Game

Past Champions
2019  Truro
2018  Truro
2017  Truro
2016  Truro
2015  Truro
2014  Yarmouth
2013  Yarmouth
2012  Antigonish Bulldogs
2011  Truro
2010  Antigonish Bulldogs
2009  Antigonish Bulldogs
2008  Antigonish Bulldogs

2007  Antigonish Bulldogs
2006  Halifax Explosion
2005  Pictou County No Stars
2004  Antigonish Bulldogs

Tournament Rules

1) Players list is required before the first game . You may have up to 16 players .
2) Must designate 8 players to play in the golf game Saturday afternoon . Golfers must be on the players list and play at least 1 hockey game before the golf game .
3) Each hockey game will have two 20 minute stop time periods . Last 5 minutes will be straight time if the score difference is 5 or more .
4) No overtime , score may end in a tie .
5) There will be no red line . Icing will apply . These icings will be no touch .
6) There will be no aggressive body contact and no slap shots . Those delivering aggressive body contact or slap shots will receive a minor penalty .
7) Minor penalties will last 2 minutes during stop time and 3 minutes during straight time .
8) Fighting will result in a 5 minute major penalty and suspension from the remainder of the tournament .
9) The golf game will be best ball match play . Each team will have 4 pairs of golfers . Each of the first 9 holes will be worth 1 goal .Each golfer will play their own ball unless the 4 golfers agree to play best ball . The best score between one of the 2 golfers on your team vs the best score between one of the 2 golfers on the other team will determine which team scores the goal for that hole . If you tie the hole no goal is scored .
10) Tournament tie breaker will be the record between the 2 teams including the golf , if still tied , goals for , minus goals against in all hockey and golf games . ( reminder , each hole is only worth 1 goal for each of the first 4 pairs of golfers )
11) Reminder , this is an invitational Tournament . How you and your team act this year will determine whether we invite you back next year .
12) The most important rule is to have fun and if we forgot anything we will make it up as it happens .

Bud MacInnis - Antigonish Arena Manager 863-1469
Dave Deluzio - Antigonish Golf and Country Club Golf Pro 863-4797
Joe Boucher - Tournament Chair